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My personalized 3-month coaching packages for service-based solopreneurs: 

If you’re like a lot of solopreneurs, you’re probably struggling with Not enough time!

It feels like you’re busy all the time, but you’re not making any real progress and don't have much to show for the time you spend in your office. You feel disorganized and disjointed and are doubting what you're doing & questioning if it is working.  Even though you are spending considerable time in your office, you aren't making enough money to show for all that time.  You can't see through the fog of "there is no way to...take on more clients, do your marketing, converse in social media, show up consistently, etc." because you just don't have any more time....or energy.

All of that leads to confusion and frustration, doesn’t it?

It doesn't get better until you decide to change!

You’re trying to do #allthethings
You were so happy with starting your business so you could share your talents but it's simply impossible to wear all the hats you need to and still have time & energy to live your life to the fullest. This has led you to struggling with motivation and productivity and, yes, slacking in the accountability department too.


Through my productivity coaching program, you will get help with building your personal & business strategic game plan, achieving your goals, getting a good handle on your time management, and help to hold you accountable for your action steps along the way. 

There are no overnight hacks to creating habits or accountability, but my coaching programs are what will help you create and adhere to what will work best for you.

Each one of my productivity coaching packages comes with a different level of the following:

  • 1:1 Productivity Coaching including time management & accountability support
  • Establishing your 90-day goals
  • Creating an Action Plan for the next 90-days
  • Identifying the obstacles that keep you from being your most productive
  • Reviewing your day-to-day tasks and creating a schedule that works for you
  • Identifying the unessential tasks that can come off your list
  • Set up productivity tools to make your life easier
  • Create a game plan to break down big goals into bite-sized tasks
  • Receiving the accountability & support you need to reach your goals


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