Uncovering the Secrets Behind Managing Your Time


In this course on Time Management & Productivity you'll learn:

  • Which of the 4 productivity types you are
  • Case studies on each productivity type
  • Proven techniques on how to use your time effectively & efficiently
  • Methods to keep you on task all day, every day
  • Specific practices to help you tackle your day like a pro
  • 15 Time Management Tips

Plus you'll receive some great handouts to help you get a better handle on managing your time:

  • 4 Productivity Types worksheet
  • Guide to the Eisenhower Matrix 
  • Pomodoro Technique cheatsheet

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Welcome to the world of productivity!

1 Lessons

Welcome !  In this module, you'll get the productivity types worksheet and an introduction video of what to expect during this course.

The 4 Productivity Types

1 Lessons

Deep Dive Into The World Of Productivity

1 Lessons

BONUS CONTENT: 15 Additional Time Management Tips

1 Lessons

In this lesson, I'm sharing with you 15 additional time management tips that I know you'll find super useful !

More Resources For You

1 Lessons

In this module, I'm providing you with even more resources so that you'll have all the extra support to continue on with learning and implementing time management & productivity into your day.